Ylius and Yren


Title 11th Simon Swamp and Desert Guardian
Gender Male
Age 15 (Beginning)
  • 18~19 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth December 7th
Famiglia Simon Famiglia
Generation XI
Flames Swamp, Desert
Story Debut Target 19


Ylius and Yren have brown hair and yellow eyes. They are the guardians of the swamp and desert of the Eleventh Simon. Ylius and Yren are twin brothers who have two different flames, although there is no indication of whether each of them has both flames.

They wear the male version of lolita style, called Ouji or Kodona. They love to look "different", they like to get fancy and sew their clothes. They also love horror movies and books, sometimes they even play video games. What they enjoy most is to tell scary stories to scare people and laugh with friends.

They are always together, they never separate. It's absolutely impossible to distinguish them as they are totally the same and dress the same way, even the tone of voice and their features are indistinguishable. However, it seems that Caesar is able to recognize them.

Ylius Abilities

Ylius, guardian of the swamp, use a purple ribbon stick, as the ones used for rhythmic gymnastics, he surrounds it with his flame, everything the ribbon touches boils.


Yren Abilities

Yren, guardian of the desert, uses a typical scepter decorated with which he creates his illusions.


  • Only Caesar can distinguish them.
  • They seems to have become friends with Haname, because they love to sew like her, and with Shinji, who loves tell horror stories and scare people.

Character Design © KamikazeMiku