The Notturno Famiglia is an italian mafia family. The current boss is Sirius, the seventh boss. No one knows much about this family but their main theme is the night and the stars.

The boss and their guardians wear everyone the same coat and they have an star-shaped earring on the left ear. The family's symbol is a star with a 'N' engraved at the middle and an upside down moon on the top of the star. All the family's members names are taken from the constellations and stars.

Notturno means night/nocturnal.


Sirius (17)

Sirius is the Notturno Famiglia's seventh boss, he is a quite interesting boy with long blue hair and amber eyes. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, the eyepatch is engraved with the Notturno's 'N'. He also has a star-shaped earring like his guardians. There's an orange stone in the center of the star, the color of his flame. As well as his guardians, he wears a long dark coat and an orange little cape over it with the symbol of the Notturno at the center, a star with a 'N' in the middle and a moon upside down.


Leone (18)

Leone (Leo) has light brown hair and red eyes. He has a scar over his left eye. He is the guardian of the storm.


Cassiopea (23)

Cassiopea (Cassiopeia) has blonde hair tied in two ponytails below the ears. She has aquamarine eyes and a tattoo of a star under her right eye. She is the guardian of lightning.


Colomba (10)

Colomba (Columba) is the youngest of the group. She has pink hair and eyes. She brings two clips in the shape of wings on the sides of the head. She is the guardian of the mist.


Eridano (16)

Eridano (Eridanus) has short and greenish hair and brown eyes. He has a mole under his right eye. He is the guardian of the rain.


Lira (20)

Lira has long albino hair, tied in a ponytail in the right side of the head. She has green eyes and she is the guardian of the cloud.


Orione (21)

Orione (Orion) has short red hair with two tufts on the head. She has blue eyes and she is the guardian of the sun.