Mizuko Inoya


Gender female
Age unknown
Status Alive
Date of Birth unknown
Story Debut Target 12

Inoya Mizuko is Haname's mother and Daisuke's wife.
She has blacks and wavy hair and a serious look. She seems like a hard worker who is only interested in money and she doesn't give importance to friends, she considers them people who betray and abandon each other.


When she met her husband in a sword class they fell in love.
They moved to Namimori, she completed her studies and began working as a graphic designer when she was pregnant.
Three years later Daisuke died because of a serious illness and Mizuko had to sell the house and move into an apartment.
Since then, Mizuko became a hard worker and spent little time with Haname, pushing her to choose her future and offering to move into a new home near one of the best schools for fashion designers.
When Haname will tell her she want to stay in the Namimori, she lets her go without saying anything but with many disappointment.