Masato Fukada


Gender Male
  • 23 (Beginning)
  • 26~27 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth April 6
Famiglia Elektrica Famiglia
Story Debut Target 6


Masato Fukada has slightly long brown and almost red hair, tied in a little ponytail, and brown eyes. He wears glasses. He's Arashi's older brother and he really loves his sister but he does not understand why she can not stand him.

His grandfather gave him the job as the new Fukada Family's exponent in the alliance with Elektrica family, after the mysterious disappearance of their parents. He's an engineer and computer expert, he also has a team of people who work with him. His ability is to do very difficult calculations in a very quick time, his assumptions are almost always accurate and in 90% of cases he can solve very hard problems. He aspires to become a great engineer in both Vongola and Elektrica Family.

His idols are Shoichi Irie and Spanner.


Masato was often in Italy engaged in engineering work for the Elektrica Family.

Upon his arrival, he immediately decided to help Nozomi, who knows for a long time because of the bond she has with Arashi, to build her rod. He actively contributes to the construction of the Vongola W.S., unleashing the wrath of his sister.


  • He seems attracted to Arina
  • When he sits down in front of a pc, he seems to get lost in another world.
  • He is not good at relating to others, he does not understand why Arashi hates him.