Title Neveria Ottavo's right hand
Gender male
Status Alive
Date of Birth September 2
Famiglia Neveria Famiglia
Generation VIII
Weapons/Items Kitchen knives
Flames Rain
Story Debut Target 3x19

Livyen (hailstorm in Russian) has albino mid-long hair with lilac shades, tied in a small ponytail. His eyes are heterochromatic, the right one is dark-blue gray, the left one is bright purple.

Livyen is discreet and friendly, tireless worker, sociable and very intelligent. He's Cristal's right-hand and possesses the flame of the rain. He loves giving advices, is very playful and, despite his appearances that make the boy seem almost introverted, actually has no problem talking openly with anyone.

He's very loyal, always been Cristal and Biancaneve's friend since childhood, does his job with great responsibility.


  • He loves skiing, writing stories, reading newspapers.