Kaito Yamasaki


  • Hare no Shugosha
  • DreamSun
  • Kaito
  • Number XI
Gender male
  • 16 (Beginning)
  • 18~19 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 9
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Generation XI
Flames Sun
Story Debut Target 1


Kaito Yamasaki is the Guardian of Sun. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He lives in Namimori with his parents and they run a bakery. At the beginning of the story he is 16 and he goes to Namimori high school. In the first special summer chapter he found a dog and he named it Sbiccolo Bobbu.

He is very crazy, he likes doing party and playing videogames. He loves martial arts and his dream is to create his own martial art style and to open a gym. He usually create some new and strange words like "stupendolar!" or "let's runnien!" or "welcomester!". He thinks the world rolls around him because he is the sun and he want to create the Kaitoverse where everything is Kaitocentric and he is the king. He loves alpacas, he always speaks about them as they are his imaginary friends. His catchphrase is "POWAH!" (Power), he loves to laugh with the family and have fun with Nozomi and the others. If some one is sad, he tried at once to make him smile. He seems to dislike Shinji because he says the mist cover the sun, and sometimes he call him as the Failure Illusionist. If you look for him, you always can find him because he is always there. Kaito and Luca are the only guardians which don't call Nozomi with her name, Kaito calls her Boss. He loves his red Game Boy as a wife and he called it Gabo-chan. He really loves to eat, mainly sweets and pizza, just like Nozomi.

Vongola Family

He loves everyone and he respect the tenth generation. He thinks the tenth Guardian of Sun is very funny.


He likes to fight, expecially hand to hand. He is very strong but he lacks of dexterity. He has high concentration. He attack with his fists, he doesn't have a weapon.

He use a pastry brush to treat wounds with his flame of the sun.


  • He always speak with his alpacas so everyone begin to think his alpacas are something like imaginary friends.
  • He love dancing and he'd like to play an acustic guitar.
  • His perfect animal is a monkey.