Extra Chapters

The list of the special chapters (published only on Deviantart). Those extra chapters are about funny moments, missing moments, love and romantic stuffs, character backgrounds.

Alternative Universe

The list of the AU chapters (published only in italian on EFP). Those special chapters are one-shots about alternative universes and what if stories. They aren't canon.

This one-shot takes place in a church, with Vongola Tenth praying on the lifeless body of his daughter and greets her for the last time.

  • Memories (not yet published due to spoilers)


There are special chapters, published only on Deviantart and Facebook, with funny interviews.

Mahou Soldiers Vongola XI

Yes pretty vongola 11 go go by lushia-d50ch9j
Those short series (published only in italian on EFP) is a parody of majokko anime.

Nozomi and Arashi, two normal schoolgirls, encounter two pixies, Arina and Luca, fell from the sky, which are being chased by a monster in the shape of giant mussel. The pixies are from the Vongola kingdom, which is located on the Arcobaleno Planet, and they manage to turn girls into Dream Sky and Dream Storm, two magic fighters. They must find the other five Mahou Soldiers to fight the mussels and save the Arcobaleno planet from the threat of the Anemone kingdom.