Title soon to be Elektrica Terzo
Gender male
Age 18
Status Alive
Date of Birth May 25
Famiglia Elektrica Famiglia
Generation III
Weapons/Items Robots
Flames Sky
Family E.Load (Grandfather)
Story Debut Target 3x31

Ex-Ten has dark grayish pink hair and brown eyes. He always wears black and yellow headphones with the mark of the Elektrica family.

He's the Elektrica boss E.Load's grandson, also a great friend of Masato, despite being a little younger than him. As Masato, he loves building new machinery and equipment, administrating the Vongola's major databases, coming also into contact with quite delicate informations. He's already a skilled engineer, in fact, will soon be the next boss of the family.

Ten is extroverted, optimistic, energetic and cheerful, he always does his best to help friends and discuss to find solutions. His specialty is the construction of robots similar to Spanner's Mini Mosca, but they have a human shape, almost resembling the Japanese's Gundam, but smaller.


  • He loves making softwars and websites, programming games, listening to trance music, jogging early in the morning
  • His personality is quite similar to Kaito's, but Ten seems to be smarter.