Gender Female
  • 12 (Beginning)
  • 13~14 (2YL)
Status Alive
Date of Birth October 16
Famiglia Brillante Famiglia
Generation II
Story Debut Target 2x10


Diamante (Diamond) has blonde wavy hair and aquamarine eyes. Her skin is so smooth that it seems almost porcelain, she is often associated with a doll. She wears a crown on her head and wears long and elegant dresses.

Diamante is the second boss of the Brillante family, she is a snobbish, haughty and arrogant girl, always wants to win it and loves being at the center of people's attention. She loves feeling superior to the "common people", making them fade with her beautiful and princely look of a perfect doll. She loves jewelry and precious stones, of which her family is about, she's quite vain and narcissistic, must always criticize everything and everyone, and sometimes she's also quite stubborn and capricious. Her laugh is really annoying.
Doesn't move much from her home, she loves walking through her majestic villa and often sits in the garden reading adventures and princesses books. Despite the habit of emphasizing her "important" origins, she doesn't act severe or unpleasant with her guardians, servants and staff members who work at her side. She's mean only with people she can't stand. She became boss at twelve. Her cousin, Opale, designated second boss and who has held the title for a few months, was found with an additional flame as well as the one of the sky. As the Brillante are "purists" who say that a boss must have only the flame of the sky or it could be "infected", they deprived Opale of his office and Diamante was the only one for that role.

Her guardians are Rubino (male, guardian of the storm), Lapis (male, guardian of the rain), Ametista (female, guardian of the cloud), Giada (female, guardian of lightning), Topazio (male, guardian of the sun), Zaffiro (male, guardian of mist). Their names are related to gems and their hair color are the ones of their flames, but most of them are dyed.



Two simple golden fans used by Diamante. She wraps them with the flame of the sky and use them attacking from close or throwing them as shuriken. They are very sharp and can cut through even the hardest material.

Because she's elegant and snob, they are the perfect weapon for her.

She used them to defeat Haname in Clover Arc.


  • She loves walking in the gardens of her villa, asking for elegant and decorated dresses, collecting porcelain dolls.
  • It's shown she has a particular friendship with Sirius