Gender male
Age unknown
Status Dead
Date of Birth unknown
Flames Mist
Story Debut Target 2x16

Clover has long green hair and orange eyes. He was created by the experiments of Dr. Stanford based on a boy called Trevis and he takes his look from him. He uses the flame of mist and fights through the illusions.

When he appeared in Italy the first time, he almost didn't defeat Caesar, which was promptly saved by Tsuna and Enma.
Clover has taken Giotto's form to kidnap Nozomi. Later he even managed to kidnap Caesar, who wanted to make him fall into a trap.

He is very lethargic and quiet, almost as if he understands nothing of the world. It seems that he has the mentality of a child, he doesn't understand why Caesar didn't want to fall asleep in order to live in a beautiful eternal dream, in which he wouldn't suffer anymore.

His illusions are defeated by Haname's determination and Nozomi and Caesar's combined attack.